Be on the top of your game

We offer a variety of IV hydration therapies that eliminate fatigue, promote health & wellbeing, improve physical performance, shake off jet lag and banish hangovers.

Our Vitamin Infusion Range

The Benefits

Boost Your Health + Wellbeing

When you consume vitamins or energy supplements orally, your body absorbs around 55% of the active ingredients. Opt for IV infusion and you’ll absorb 100%. So you’ll enjoy 100% of the benefits.

Swift Treatment

IV treatments typically take 30 – 45 minutes. Or if you’re really in a hurry, you can benefit from a short consultation plus Energy Booster Shot and walk out with a spring in your step in just minutes.

Rapid Results

You’ll begin to feel the positive effects of IV Treatments and Energy Booster Shots almost immediately, and the sense of wellbeing will continue to grow over several hours.

Long-Lasting Effects

Unlike oral supplements and energy drinks which deliver minimal results lasting just a few hours, IV therapies and booster shots last for several days or more. You’ll feel like your old self, only better.

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